How to Cancel a Walmart Order: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Updated on 02/15/2024

Thanks to the last few years, it’s no surprise that more and more Walmart shoppers are choosing to shop online. Not only is shopping online convenient, it becomes a lot easier to find great deals when you don’t have to leave the house. However, online shopping isn’t always quick and easy.

Unlike with in-person shopping, it’s a lot easier to accidentally order the wrong item. Whether that’s because you picked a bad seller or just changed your mind, sooner or later, you’re going to want to cancel an order or two.

Luckily, Walmart understands that mistakes happen and makes it easy to do so.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to efficiently cancel your Walmart order and secure a refund.
  • Discover the essential steps to expedite the refund process.
  • Ensure you get your money back promptly by following the guidance provided in this article.

Can You Cancel a Walmart Order?

The short answer is yes.

Most Walmart orders can be easily canceled without too much hassle. However, things aren’t always so simple. Depending on when you decide to cancel your order, you may not be able to.

Once the item is getting ready for shipment, the chances of you being able to successfully cancel the order drop. Thankfully, most cancel requests are accepted without issue as long as the cancellation happens within the hour.

Things become a lot muddier when you take curbside pickups and third-party sellers into account. In some cases, you may not even get the chance to cancel the order thanks to the seller being quick and efficient.

The worst case scenario is that your request is ignored. Thankfully, there are ways to get around all these issues. For example, you could contact Walmart customer service or even just wait for the package to arrive in order to request a refund. In the vast majority of cases, however, canceling an order is easily done within the Walmart website.

Why Should You Cancel Your Walmart Order?

There are a lot of reasons to cancel an order. Finding a better deal on another site or even just from a different seller, for example, is a popular reason for many online shoppers. Other times the seller you bought the item from may decide they don’t want to let go of the item. They may ignore the order you placed and refuse to ship the item in a timely fashion while still keeping your hard earned money. And sometimes, the order may have been nothing more than an accidental click.

No matter what reason you have for canceling an order, it’s important that you make a decision as soon as possible. Once the item is on the way, the chances of a successful cancel are gone.

How To Cancel Your Walmart Order

Unlike many other sites, Walmart makes it very easy to cancel an order. The process is also the same on both the Desktop site and mobile app with only minor changes. Let’s go over each step you need to take in order to quickly cancel a Walmart order.

Canceling a Walmart Order: A Step-by-Step Process

  1. Log Into Your Account – Before anything else, make sure that you are logged into the same account that you used to place the order.
  2. You may need to answer a quick security question beforehand.
  3. Open Purchase History – After logging in, click the account button in the top right corner of the screen to open additional options. Go into “Purchase History” to get a list of all your orders.
  4. Find the Order You Wish To Cancel – Once you’ve found the order you wish to cancel, open the order by clicking on “View Details”.
  5. Click “Request Cancellation” – At the bottom of the order details, you should see a link to request cancellation of the order. No need to fret, a single click and the order should cancel automatically.
  6. Check For Confirmation – If everything has gone according to plan, the page should update and you’ll soon get an email telling you whether the order was successfully canceled or not.

”Request Cancellation” isn’t Available

In some cases, the “Request Cancellation” button may not be available.

This usually means that the item is getting ready to (or already has) shipped. In some cases, you may be able to still request a cancellation by directly contacting Walmart customer support.

Most of the time, however, there is very little that you can do until the package arrives.

Depending on why you wanted to cancel the order, you may still have other options that you can try. If the order is still in processing, for example, it’s possible to edit the order.

Editing a Walmart Order

If you only wish to change the delivery location or name on the package, there is no need to cancel the entire order to do so. The same also applies if you only wish to add or remove items from the order. Both the Walmart website and the mobile app allow you to easily edit any order that is still getting processed.

Doing so is similar to canceling an order. Once you’ve found the order you wish to change, simply press the “Edit Items” button instead. From here, you’ll be able to edit various parts of the order such as the quantities of items. Depending on what you ordered, you may even be able to adjust others things like allowing substitutions or choosing an alternative store location or time slot for pickup.

Sometimes, canceling the order is the only option you have. If you missed the window to do so, however, there is still hope to get your money back.

Returning a Walmart Order

Walmart has a generous return policy that allows you to return any purchased item for a full refund. Depending on how you purchased the item, you may be able to take it back to the store. Otherwise, you will need to ship it back. Luckily, Walmart makes the process extremely easy in both cases.

Like usual, find the order you wish to return and click on the button to return the item. From here, you may get an option to choose to either return it directly to the store or return it by mail. Choose the option that is most convenient for you.

If you’re returning the item by mail, you’ll need to print out the return label and attach it to the package before taking it to your preferred mailing service. If you’re returning it to the store, you will instead receive a return barcode that you can directly show to customer service at your local Walmart in order to get your return.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Did Walmart Cancel My Order? - In some cases, you may find that your order has been canceled without your consent. Usually, that’s because the item is no longer in stock, there was an issue with your payment processor or other similar events.
  • What if I Canceled The Wrong Order? – If you canceled the order early enough, you may need to remake the entire order. Otherwise, you can usually get in contact with customer support in order to prevent the cancellation from occurring.
  • What if I’m Using The Mobile App? - The mobile app may look widely different from the website. However, the process of canceling an order is typicality the same with only minor variations in button locations.
  • How Do I Cancel a Pickup Order? - In order to cancel a pickup order, you can follow the same process that you used to cancel a regular order. However, unlike a regular order, a pickup order gives you a much smaller window of opportunity to cancel it.
  • How Long Do I Have To Cancel an Order? - The amount of time that you have to cancel an order can vary quite a bit. Buying directly from Walmart can result in a faster degree of processing than buying from a third-party seller. Most of the time, you can expect the window to be within the first hour of the order.

Getting Your Money Back

Walmart, like most major online retailers, offers a lot of convenience when it comes to online shopping. However, with an increase in third-party sellers, it can be easy to accidentally order from the wrong seller. Thankfully, canceling a Walmart order is an easy and pain-free process.

To make the process as easy as possible, remember:

  • Cancel an order as early as possible.
  • Make use of the edit order feature
  • If you miss the cancel deadline, return the order

By following these simple steps, your Walmart order cancellation will go smoothly. No matter what, however, it’s essential that you make a decision as quickly as you can. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to get your money back.